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Wonder Wall: The Superman and Wonder Woman Mural


CineCentral Filmmakers Society



When the Hub City Cinema Society extended an invitation, it marked the beginning of a creative journey that would help people find their way to this film loving crew. Located at Lois Lane, it was only fitting that the chosen theme paid homage to the iconic Superman.

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Lys, embarked on a mural project that would use Superman and Wonder Woman, symbols of strength and unity, to grace the building's exterior.

This artistic endeavor was not without its share of challenges. The location was still reeling from the aftermath of the Jeans Burns Building fire, which added an element of unpredictability to the project. But it was here that a remarkable collaboration was born, as Lys and Lauren joined forces for the first time.

The logistical challenges were as formidable as the artistic ones. A team of volunteers set out to paint the building's facade sky blue, but the sloped surface and the absence of boom equipment posed unique obstacles. Creativity came to the rescue, with a special self-leveling attachment allowing them to conquer the uneven ground with a ladder.

Mother Nature herself added her own twists to the story, with weather delays testing their resolve. The nearby demolition equipment, part of the ongoing cleanup, played its own role in the project's timeline.

Yet, despite these challenges, a recognizable design emerged, one that could effortlessly draw attention to any space. Superman and Wonder Woman stood tall inviting all who passed by to believe in the power of art to light up new corners of a city.

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