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VIUSU Community Painting at FROSH





In the vibrant tapestry of university life, there are moments that transcend textbooks and exams. Join us as we journey into a day of colors, creativity, and heartfelt connections during the Vancouver Island University Students Union's paint-themed frosh day.

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It all began with a warm invitation from our friends at the VIU Students Union. They wanted to infuse their frosh day with a touch of community artistry, and we gladly accepted the brush.

The canvas was a banner of camaraderie, stretching wide and eager to absorb the colors of unity. We invited students of all backgrounds, abilities, and artistic experiences to participate. No paint? No problem. No experience? That's perfectly fine. Together, we would paint a story of togetherness.
We armed our participants with marker paints, a versatile medium that beckoned even those who claimed they "don't paint" or "couldn't paint." The canvas overflowed with messages of encouragement, love, and positivity. Each stroke was a note of connection, a brush of kindness, and a splash of creativity.

What unfolded on that canvas was more than just art; it was a bridge of understanding and empathy. Students who never thought they could create, found themselves mingling with experienced artists. Barriers dissolved as hands holding markers brought people closer together.

We invite you to be part of our next canvas of unity. Let's celebrate art, embrace differences, and continue to connect through the colors of life. Together, we can paint a brighter, more colorful future.

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