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Rooted in Artistry: The Aspengrove School Spirit Mural


Aspengrove School



Nestled in the serene landscape of Lantzville, BC, Aspengrove School stands for learning and creativity. We were so excited to collaborate with this institution, a journey that led to a remarkable exterior mural adorning their rusty water tower.

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In late 2020, the stage was set for artistic exploration. We led a design workshop initiated by art teacher Kristina Jones; bringing students from the older years who had chosen the path of artistry. The source of inspiration? Aspengrove School Spirit—crimson, gold, and navy.
The students' minds brimmed with ideas. Discussions about the unique considerations of grand-scale art and the intricacies of large canvases ensued.

In the weeks that followed, students collaborated in dedicated cohorts, generating multiple designs for their school's weathered water tower. Each concept was a testament to their creativity and commitment to leaving a lasting mark on their campus. The school administration selected the final design and with a few small changes it was ready to be painted.

High above the ground on a boom lift, we brought the students' vision to life. The epic freehand masterpiece unfurled, embellished with alkyd and Montana spray paint.
The mural breathed new life into the campus, a testament to the values of Aspengrove School—Curiosity, Citizenship, Courage, Creativity, and Compassion. It symbolized growth, rooted in the nurturing environment of the school, just as the aspen tree saplings draw nourishment from their extensive root structure.

Aspengrove School's vibrant water tower mural is more than just paint on a surface; it's a canvas of values and collaboration. It's a reflection of community awareness, respect for the environment, and a lifelong love of learning. Like the aspen, we are on this journey together, a community rooted in purpose and creativity.

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