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Raising Acceptance: Crafting a Progressive Pride Flag at Save On Foods, Parksville


Save-On-Foods Parksville



Creating a progressive pride flag on the raised roof glass wall at Save On Foods in Parksville was both a challenge and a rewarding experience. We were tasked with symbolizing acceptance for both employees and guests, making it a powerful project.

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We were so excited to be commissioned for this project! With store windows comes challenge due to various factors like window coatings, grease from mechanical doors, and anti-dust sprays. Plus, the limited space on a scissor lift made the project even more challenging. Painting on glass added another layer of complexity, with paint needing to dry thoroughly and maintain delicacy as layers were added to achieve the desired opacity. Despite these challenges, we were determined to bring this symbol of acceptance to life in a big way for the community.

Matt, the store manager at Save On Foods in Parksville, has been a remarkable ally to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Their commitment to safety and inclusion is truly commendable. It's wonderful to see such support, especially as queer artists who identify with neutral pronouns.

Our previous collaboration with Matt at the Woodgrove location in Nanaimo was a testament to the power of art in celebrating the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Being commissioned for projects like these is not only professionally fulfilling but also personally meaningful. We're passionate about using our art to create spaces that celebrate diversity, acceptance, and unity.

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