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Prismatic Pollinators: A Splash of Life on Wallace Street


Hub City Mural Society



Amidst the urban landscape of Wallace Street in Nanaimo, a blank and derelict wall found a new lease on life, thanks to the vibrant brushstrokes of the Urban Art Gallery Project. This ambitious endeavor aimed to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, one mural at a time. For this space a theme of pollinators was selected.

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The canvas was set—a primed white wall that beckoned for a touch of creativity. The vision that unfolded was a testament to the beauty of the natural world. Prismatic pollinators took center stage, featuring the delicate dance of bees, the grace of hummingbirds, the intricate honeycombs, and the vibrant blossoms of flowers.

Yet, this project wasn't without its unique challenges. The narrow and bustling street posed an intriguing obstacle. Cars parked near the mural-in-progress demanded a delicate touch. So, a creative solution emerged—a makeshift "paint booth" fashioned from a barrier, protecting the vehicles from unintended paint particles.

But this project wasn't just about art; it was about community engagement. Every step of the way, we interacted with the neighborhood, becoming a part of their daily lives. Local beekeepers from Fredrich's Honey even shared a tasty treat, adding a sweet touch to the experience.

It's important to note that this endeavor was a labor of love. Humanity In Art donated their time and creativity to bring this mural to life, a true testament to the power of volunteering and artistic passion.

In the end, what was once a blank and forgotten wall now stood as a vibrant testament to nature's wonders, reminding all who passed by of the beauty that thrives amidst the urban jungle.

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