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Octopus's Garden: A Splash of Art at Cappy Yates Park


Old City Quarter



n 2016, a spirited group of young residents embarked on an artistic endeavor that would breathe new life into the historic Cappy Yates Park, nestled on private land at the corner of Wallace and Bastion Streets. Their vision? To transform this piece of land into a vibrant, walkable art park that would captivate the community.

Lys was invited to paint a small retaining wall at the parks entrance. Thank you to Doug Wortley for arranging this great project.

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Amidst this creative revival, Lys received an invitation to contribute their artistic touch to the park's entrance, a retaining wall that beckoned visitors into this artistic oasis. The chosen theme was nautical, paying homage to Nanaimo's maritime heritage.

With a high-contrast background of striking pink and deep blue. Against this vivid canvas, a dark and mysterious octopus came to life, its tentacles playfully exploring the small surface.

Another project to show the power of community and art coming together to transform a once-forgotten space into a vibrant and imaginative escape. Cappy Yates Park became a space where creativity thrived, and visitors were invited to wander through a playful artistic world, even if just for a moment.

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