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Ocean Serenity: The Tidal Pool Mural


Private Commission



In the midst of the pandemic, when homes became more than just living spaces, we embarked on a project that would not only brighten a lower level but also infuse it with a sense of serenity and wonder.

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This private commission was a shared space, serving as both an office and a family entertainment area. However, it came with its challenges – a low roof, an exposed electrical box, a window, and a door. But challenges are just new ways to endorse creativity.

We embraced the space to transform these obstacles into integral parts of the mural. Over the electrical panel, we hung a canvas, seamlessly blending it into the artwork. With a palette of soft, cool colors and the glimmer of gold accents, we brought to life the vision of bringing the ocean inside and crafted a tidal pool mural.

As our brushes swept across the canvas, a tranquil underwater world emerged. The gentle ebb and flow of the tide, the play of light on the water's surface, and the vibrant life beneath the waves all came to life.

We were so excited to bring the soothing embrace of nature into the heart of a home.

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