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From Raw Cedar to Artistry: The Oceanside BenchMark Project


Oceanside Chamber of Commerce



This bench was designed as an artist promo for the first BenchMark project, organized by the Parksville and Qualicum Beach Chambers of Commerce. The organizers wanted a demo bench created to help inspire local artists to participate in this fun initiative. We had six hours to transform a raw cedar bench into a work of art! Inspired by our love for a delicious summer drink on a beautiful Parksville patio, we chose to create a bright zesty bench using exterior latex, spray paint and acrylic ink.

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Nestled in an autobody shop, a unique transformation took place—a raw wood cedar bench evolved into a stunning work of art in just six hours. The organizers of this project had a vision: to inspire local artists and creatives to join a fun and vibrant initiative.

With the advantage of large industrial heaters, we set out on a creative journey, harnessing the power of these machines to turn raw cedar into a canvas for our artistic expression. The clock was ticking, and we had just six hours to complete the transformation.

Inspiration struck us like a summer breeze on a picturesque Parksville patio. We drew from our love for delicious summer drinks and envisioned a bench that was as bright and zesty as the best of summer days. To bring this vision to life, we utilized a dynamic mix of exterior latex, spray paint, and acrylic ink.

But this project was about more than just one bench—it was a communal effort. Our demo bench served as an inspiration to local artists, encouraging them to take part in this exciting endeavor.

In the end, sixty cedar benches became the canvases for local artists and creatives, each one a unique work of art. These benches found temporary homes across the Oceanside area, enriching public spaces with color and imagination. These benches were then auctioned off, and the proceeds supported not only the artists but also local arts and business organizations. It was a testament to the power of art to unite communities, inspire creativity, and make a positive impact on both artists and the wider community.

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