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From Dawn to Dusk: A Sky-Themed Mural for Literacy Central Vancouver Island


Literacy Central Vancouver Island



Where words come alive and literacy thrives, we embarked on a project that celebrates the legacy of knowledge. Our collaboration with Literacy Central Vancouver Island—a vision of skies changing from daylight to night that wraps around the second floor of a bookstore, setting the stage for their 30th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign.

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For Literacy Central Vancouver Island, literacy isn't just a mission; it's their legacy. Their motto, "Literacy is our Legacy," is a testament to their unwavering commitment to spreading knowledge, one page at a time.
Literacy Central Vancouver Island approached us with a vision—a vision of skies unfolding and evolving from dawn to dusk, enveloping the front of the second-floor balcony, and wrapping the store in a celestial embrace.

The mural would be more than a work of art; it would be a narrative. It would transition seamlessly from the bright, hopeful hues of daylight to the tranquil, starlit colors of night. This transformation symbolized not only the passage of time but also the journey of learning and discovery.
The timing was significant, for this mural would set the stage for Literacy Central Vancouver Island's 30th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. It would be a visual representation to hold book spines with donors names and displayed in an eye catching and clever way.

We invite you to visit the bookstore, where the sky-themed mural wraps around you, inviting you to explore the boundless world of words and wisdom. It's a mural that celebrates literacy's enduring legacy and sets the stage for the bright chapters yet to be written.

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