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Destination Home: A Mural of Memories


Private Commission



This was a heartwarming private commission that allowed us to celebrate a family's unique journey through art. The family had a rich history of living in different corners of the world, experiencing diverse cultures, meeting incredible people, and growing closer as a family along the way.

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Upon settling on Vancouver Island, this family decided to create a lasting tribute to their global adventures. They commissioned us to craft a custom interior mural for their fitness room. The goal was to capture glimpses of memories from the places they've called home, weaving together the vibrant essence of Chicago, the vibrant tapestry of Hong Kong, and the natural beauty of British Columbia.
The result was a stunning mural that told the story of their journey through bold primary colors in acrylic paint, interspersed with the shimmer of metallic pigments. It was a project filled with joy, collaboration, and the transformation of their fitness room into a testament of their remarkable experiences. Painting for this family was an absolute delight.

They reached out to us, and we embarked on a creative journey together. Through heartfelt conversations and shared memories, we discovered the memories of places they had called home -
With these stories as our guide, we set to work, working with interior latex paint in a bold primary palette and the magic of metallic pigments. Each brushstroke was infused with the essence of their adventures, each stroke a memory brought to life.

As we painted, their fitness room transformed into a canvas of cherished moments. Iconic symbols of Chicago, Hong Kong, and Vancouver all framed by the natural beauty of their new island home. It was a mural that captured not just places but the spirit of their journey – a reminder of where they've been and the adventures that await. It was a joyous project that celebrated a family's rich tapestry of life, love, and travel.

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