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Colors of Community: Painting the Progress Pride Flag in Duncan, BC


Save-On-Foods Duncan



In the charming town of Duncan, BC, we embarked on an artistic journey at Save on Foods, right by the in-store Starbucks. Our mission: to bring the Progress Pride Flag to life on their windows.

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Now, this project had its quirks. We set up shop at ground level, with the store bustling around us. Passersby couldn't resist stopping for a friendly chat, turning this project into a community experience.

Our choice of a vertical design was intentional—it needed to be a vibrant beacon of acceptance for all to see from the street. But, as creativity often goes, we faced unexpected challenges. At one point, we ran out of rollerheads, which led to an impromptu supply run. And, yes, there was that unfortunate peeling incident.

But here's the heartwarming part: we didn't let these hiccups dampen our spirits. We embraced the opportunity to adapt and keep our artistic vision alive. This project wasn't just about painting a flag; it was about creating a symbol of acceptance, resilience, and community spirit.

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