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Cats on Display: A Mural for Literacy Central Vancouver Island


Literacy Central Vancouver Island



This was our second collaboration with Literacy Central Vancouver Island, where we transformed a small framed area on their building into a whimsical canvas of books, and playful feline companions.

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Before the paint touched the surface, we embarked on a minor wall repair, ensuring a pristine canvas for our artistic endeavors.
Literacy Central Vancouver Island had a dream of their own—a dream theme that is. They envisioned a mural that would reflect their love for books and cats. As kindred spirits, we embraced this playful and welcoming aesthetic.

Books, the portals to countless stories, found their place among mischievous and endearing cats. The combination was a match made in heaven for us, cat and book lovers alike.
The wall presented a unique challenge, with its deep stucco texture. Undeterred, we not only conquered the textured canvas but embraced it. The result was a bright, playful mural that stood out against the backdrop of the blank wall.
The playful design added vibrancy to the building, inviting passersby to pause and immerse themselves in the world of literacy and feline charm.

Our mural for Literacy Central Vancouver Island is more than just paint on a wall; it's a testament to the power of reading. It's a reminder that within the pages of books and the company of cats, imagination knows no bounds.

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