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Aspengrove School Spirit


Aspengrove School



We had a lot of fun completing this exterior mural at Aspengrove School in Lantzville, BC. We led a design workshop late in 2020 with students from the older years who had chosen an artistic learning path. The inspiration? Aspengrove School Spirit: crimson, gold, and navy, the raven, mountains. The student’s came up with great ideas, we chatted about special considerations for big art, and we jumped right into drawing!

In the weeks that followed, the students worked together in cohorts to create several designs for their school’s rusty old water tower, and we were privileged to select the final design from the shortlist. Then, after a few final tweaks from us, it was time to paint! We had a blast cruising around on the boom lift, and putting the design up. This epic free-hand piece came to life with alkyd and Montana spray paint. It was great to create on campus and show the students our process from start to finish.

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