Alyssa Glassford is a self taught artist who loves to crush cans on the urban canvas. Signing their work as Humanity, this Saskatchewan native now calls Vancouver Island home. Humanity first picked up a spray can at the age of 13, but also works with acrylic, watercolour, airbrush, and mixed media. Named the "Emerging Cultural Leader" in a 2016 award from the City of Nanaimo, Humanity's street art can be seen around the city's downtown core as part of neighbourhood improvement and community projects, as well as commissioned murals.


The other half of the newly minted Humanity in Art duo is Lauren Semple, a community activist and performance artist from Vancouver Island. New to the world of spray art, they've caught up quickly with pieces in Nanaimo signed as Unity. A strong advocate for the LGBTQ2 community, women's rights, and the labour movement, Unity brings experience as an activist and organizer to the Humanity in Community Foundation. 

Humanity in Art is a Nanaimo, BC art shop specializing in urban art, murals, custom work, prints, apparel, boards and guitars.  Our website is still under construction - keep checking back for updates, or follow us on social media @humanityinart.

We believe that art, and the act of expression is the language of  humanity, allowing us to communicate the intricate emotions and complex thoughts which make us inherently human. Through art, we can engage the greater human collective, infuse environments with beauty and passion, and create centrepieces for community.